4ct Oval Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

  • Style #2179

Oval Cut Diamond, Platinum, Shared Prong, 4.50mm Eternity Band

18 Oval Diamonds=3.74ct

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Diamond Configuration

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  • Can I send you a stone to set into one of your rings or just buy your settings?

    We only set diamonds or gemstones that are purchased directly from us.

    All of our rings are sold exclusively with one of our curated diamonds as a packaged set. Loose diamonds and settings are not sold separately.

  • Are your diamonds ethically sourced/ conflict free?

    Yes, we have a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. We invite you to read more at our Ethical Sourcing page

  • What does diamond curation mean? How does the diamond selection process work?

    If you’ve watched any of our Youtube videos, you’ll notice how much we stress that the overall beauty and brilliance of a diamond can not be judged merely with a grading report but with the human eye.

    Diamond curation means we look, inspect, compare, and filter through actual diamonds in person where we will only give you options for our top selection of either lab grown or natural diamonds. For example, we look for the best cuts/makes, H color diamonds that face up like F/G, and VS clarity with less noticeable inclusions to the naked eye.

    Most importantly with lab grown diamonds, our curated options will have no tints/tinges that are common and inherent in the growth process, not disclosed on any diamond certificates, and can be difficult to see even on hi-def videos you typically see online.

    We sort through a vast number of diamonds to present you with only 3-5 of our best options, expertly tailored to meet or exceed your expectations.

    Read more about our curation here

  • What does the package pricing include?

    Various packages give you the option of different diamond types and quality to choose from. All package prices are estimates only. The price does not include any duties or taxes. The final price is subject to change depending on market fluctuation, final details, finger size (if applicable), metal type, or any additional modification or approved customizations.

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