1. How to Pair Your Oval Wedding Band

    Explore different metals & find the perfect one for you, only at By Bonnie.

    Welcome to another By Bonnie blog, where we talk about all things diamonds! Thinking about a two-tone engagement ring? Yes, you're in the right place for the ultimate breakdown on choosing the perfect metal color for your engagement ring. Is it two-tone? Is it all gold? This video is for you. I’ll break it down into three simple points:

    How to pick the metal that's right for you.
    Which one is better?
    How to avoid making the wrong decision for your forever ring.

    Sometimes, people recommend what they know best, not necessarily what's best for you. Let’s dive in and make...

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  2. Is Quiet Luxury Dying?!

    quiet luxury

    The quiet luxury trend is here to stay, with more clients seeking large diamonds set on simple bands. Welcome back to another By Bonnie blog, where we talk all things diamonds! Today, we're featuring a stunning 5.5-carat lab-grown oval diamond. Many of you have requested a blog on our popular Hailey solitaire, which features an extra-low profile in platinum and white gold. 

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  3. The Complete Guide for Men's Wedding Bands

    Men's Wedding Bands

    Men's wedding bands and rings, in general, are a topic not often discussed but in dire need of conversation. Specifically, we're focusing on the charm and elegance of WHAT OPTIONS you have for men’s wedding bands and rings. More than just what material (metals and alternative materials like silicone), I want to also talk about the option of using diamonds in men’s jewelry. It's a subject I find extremely sexy— because when a man carries the confidence to sport a diamond, it speaks volumes about his persona.

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  4. How to Pair Your Oval Wedding Band

    oval ring

    Ovals, ovals, ovals! I can't even begin to tell you how popular oval diamonds have been these past few years. We've done it all—oval bands, oval engagement rings, solitaires, halos, three-stone settings, and yes, even tulips! We absolutely adore ovals for their elongated shape and fantastic finger coverage.

    In today’s blog, I’m thrilled to introduce a brand-new oval eternity band set East-West. But that's not all! As a bonus, I'll show you how to pair East-West oval bands with different types of rings. Plus, I've got a stunning East-West oval engagement ring in the tulip setting that...

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  5. Best Diamond Shape For Your Engagement Ring!

    hailey diamond

    Hey there, diamond dreamers! You won't want to miss today's video because we're diving into the world of diamond shapes. If you've been pondering which diamond shape is right for you, this one's a must-read!

    From classic ovals to elegant elongated emeralds, radiant Marquise, and captivating pear shapes, we've explored them all. But fear not, because this blog is here to guide you through the decision-making process. Welcome back to another sparkling edition of the By Bonnie blog, where we're all about celebrating...

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  6. I Made ANGELINA JOLIE's Round Diamond Ring but BETTER

    round diamond ring

    I'm absolutely thrilled when I see one of my all-time favorite rings on my finger. It's a true masterpiece, crafted with such precision and skill that only a select few can achieve. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this blog. Welcome back to another edition of By Bonnie, where we dive deep into the world of diamonds.

    Angelina Jolie Engagement Ring

    Let me take you back to a story from years ago when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were the talk of the town.

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  7. Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Carat and Ratio Comparison Complete Guide

    Oval Ratio Comparison

    Hey there, diamond enthusiasts! If you're in the market for an oval diamond, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, I'm going to share some invaluable tips to help you avoid choosing an unattractive oval diamond. Plus, we'll delve into the concept of width-to-length ratio and how it influences the appearance of your diamond's size.

    Welcome back to another By Bonnie Blog, your go-to destination for all things diamonds. Let's jump straight into the fascinating world of oval diamond ratios.


    What Is Oval Diamond Ratio

    Let's talk about diamond...

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  8. Wedding Band INSPO! How to Pair Your French Pave Engagement Rings

    Have french pavé in mind and want a gorgeous ring to pair it with?

    It’s the weekend, and you know what that means—big diamonds! Welcome back to another By Bonnie Blog, where we talk about all things diamonds. We're kicking off the weekend with some serious bling. 

    Today, I’m excited to talk about the hidden halo. What exactly is a hidden halo? I’m also going to break down the differences between four-prong and six-prong settings, different millimeter sizes, and, of course, our fan-favorite band pairings. Get ready for an incredible journey into sparkle city. Let’s dive right in and showcase some stunning diamonds!



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  9. 6 Tips So You Don't Ruin Your Engagement Ring

    don’t ruin your engagement ring

    If you've got an engagement ring on your finger, it's time to pay attention. Seriously, stop whatever you're doing and focus on this. If you've stuck with me through this entire blog, not only will you get some top-notch expert advice from my 15 years in the industry on what not to do to ruin your engagement ring, but I've got a bonus tip waiting for you at the end. And let me tell you, you're definitely guilty of some of these ring sins!

    Welcome back to another fabulous By Bonnie blog, where we talk about all things diamonds. So, let's dive in and save those precious rings from any...

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  10. 15-CARAT CHEVRON DIAMOND NECKLACE! Wedding Jewelry Inspo!

    chevron diamond necklace

    Wedding season is in full swing, and I've got something special just for you. Welcome back to another fabulous By Bonnie blog, where we talk about all things diamonds!

    Let me now share a short personal anecdote with you: I tied the knot myself approximately ten years ago, and I can honestly say it seems like yesterday. So, I couldn't help but jump into the sparkle when one of my clients contacted me recently with a sincere request to make a gorgeous diamond necklace as a surprise wedding gift for their soon-to-be bride!

    I know many of you are planning weddings and searching...

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