About Us

At By Bonnie, we are known for our designs, masterful craftsmanship and educational content all across social media. And of course, all things diamonds! We’re a small team operating in Burlingame, California, and we truly care about every single aspect of your experience. Just look at what our clients have to say… 

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Whether you’re local or remote, we’re committed to becoming the cherry on top of that special moment in your life.

Our Values and Promises

All our jewelry is hand made locally in California with love.

Educating clients about diamonds and jewelry is a top priority. 
Our clients say the #1 thing they need is guidance from someone they can trust.

Our craftsmanship is one of the main reasons why clients end up choosing us. What purpose does a perfect diamond have if it sits in a mediocre setting?

Our diamonds are curated by Bonnie and our expert team of awesome gemologists. We have worked with countless diamonds throughout our career, trust our expertise! After all, this is what we are here for.

We are dedicated to helping you every step of the way and guiding you throughout your decision making process. We’ll never pressure you to make a commitment you’re not sure about.

A Word From Bonnie Herself…

First of all, thank you for being here. I am incredibly humbled to know how much time each and every one of you spends watching my content.

You all know how passionate I get about diamonds, but the one thing I get the most excited about is LOVE.

I am truly grateful that I get to make meaningful pieces of jewelry that celebrates your love. As I always say to my clients, now that you’ve got the perfect ring, go get the girl!

Bonnie Cheung Sarkissian

Founder & GIA Gemologist, Proud Mama of Monsieur Julien

Meet Bonnie (Fun Facts)

She is originally from Hong Kong, and her husband Michael is from France. Bonjour! Both sides of the family have been in the jewelry industry for decades (40+ years). He always tells people that Bonnie is the most valuable “hidden gem” he found. *Haha, a little cheesy isn’t it?*

She speaks fluent Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Kindergarten level Japanese, K-Drama level Korean and Traveler level Armenian (lol).

One of her favorite hobbies is riding a motorcycle. Honda CRF 230F SM in particular. Her favorite quote: “When you are riding, you are living. Everything else is just waiting.”

She absolutely loves and breathes DIAMONDS. She dreams about them at night and sends her husband a very long wishlist every Christmas. *poor guy*

After getting her graduate degree in Gemology from GIA World Headquarters in Carlsbad, CA, Bonnie worked for different jewelry companies to gain experience in the industry. She returned to HK for a short time and eventually left the family business to make her journey back to the US to pursue the American Dream. With no capital to open a shop of her own, she sold her first diamond at a San Francisco Starbucks. 

 She works hard and truly loves what she does. But she doesn’t like taking selfies. *hehe*