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At By Bonnie, we are committed to providing diamonds that have been selected not only for their beauty, but their ethical and environmentally responsible origins. Whether it is natural mined or lab grown diamonds, we put substantial emphasis on transparency throughout our entire jewelry making process.

We want our clients to be comfortable throughout their shopping experience, knowing that responsible sourcing is a key element of our operations. 

HOW TO CHOOSE? : Natural VS Lab Grown Diamonds

We’ve covered this topic extensively on Youtube, if you haven’t watched Bonnie’s videos, go watch it here

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Hi everyone, Bonnie here! (Where I talk about all things diamonds). There’s literally a marketing war going on between the natural mined diamond and the lab grown diamond communities. I’m here to address all your concerns!  

We’ve all read somewhere along our research that “They are exactly the same, one mined, one made in a lab.” The real difference that matters here is not what it’s made of, but how it makes you feel

First off, I am unbiased towards both. I strongly believe that everyone should be educated about it and make the decision that’s right for them. With that said, I want to have an open conversation and share my thoughts on this topic- without trying to promote one over the other.

For centuries, diamonds have been a symbol of love, wealth, and status. Value solely depends on the worth one places upon an object. And till this day, it’s a widely accepted part of today’s culture that diamonds carry value. The sparkle is mesmerizing and diamonds actually do last forever.

The main key here is actually quite simple, Supply VS Demand. 

Other thoughts from actual clients: 

"I don’t want my friends/family to find out my diamond is a lab grown diamond."

"I didn’t tell my girlfriend I got a lab diamond, I just said it was a diamond. Is that wrong?"

"My parents are old school and they think natural diamonds are “Real” and Lab diamonds are “Fake”."


Besides the environmental, ethical and economic factors, I believe the social effects are also very important to many people who are considering buying lab diamonds. 

We can keep going on and on about the pros and cons of each. As we mentioned above, the essence of beautiful diamonds is not about how it’s made, but how it makes you feel.

At the end of the day, whichever you buy, the diamond should be the one that you look down on your finger everyday and makes you feel happy and beautiful.

Follow our Lab Diamond FAQ here to read more.